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Delivery & customs

Delivery & Customs transportation company is happy to offer transport and customs clearance both separately and in package.

If you only neer to have a vehicle provided from Europe:
Our company can offer you the following vehicle options: 82, 86, 100, 110 and 120 cubic meters road trains. 
 Refrigerators can be offered to carry goods that require temperature control (temperature from + 5° down to -18° C).
Most vehicles have the CEMT permit, which makes it possible to carry loads to/from third countries. 
 Most vehicles have telephones on board which makes it possible to perform traffic control throughout the route.

Besides, we can arrange for any number of vehicles for you under direct contracts with transport operators in Russia, Belorussia, the Baltic states and the Ukraine.

Any time around the clock our Traffic controller will:
- inform you on the current location of the vehicle;
- offer route optimisation options;
- pass all the information you need to the driver;
- provide escort in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Thanks to our close cooperation with a number of forwarding companies in many European countries, we have the opportunity to quickly and correctly draw transport documents (CMR, Carnet TIR, Packing List). This is especially convenient if you need to process documents meeting some specific requirements. You will also have the opportunity to have full control over drawing the papers.

If you only need customs clearing to be provided:

Cargo customs clearance is dealt with by a specialised department of our company.
Customs prcedures are performed by our in-service brokers , as well as at the regional customs offices, and besides, we provide for customs clearance of containers in Vladivostok, the Baltic states and St.Petersburg.

Our specialists work on:
- drawing and checking the full set of documents required for custoims clearance of cargo released for free circulation;
- customs clearance of import operations with automobile and container cargos, as well as customs processing and clearance of cargo at Domodedovo and Sheremetevo;
- obtaining the necessary documents at the certifying bodies;
- clear and correct processing of customs documentation.

The only thing we wish from the client is that full, reliable and timely information be provided on the character and the quantity of cargo.


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Delivery & Customs
+7 495 411 9412